Statistical Package for UNIX sys5 sought (PD or shareware or cheap)

Statistical Package for UNIX sys5 sought (PD or shareware or cheap)

Post by e.. » Tue, 02 Oct 1990 13:28:00


I am looking for a statistical package running under system5. (If
possible on an AT 80286).

Some years ago there has been mentioned UNIX stat I believe on the
info-ibmpc digest. I have lost the author's email address an would very
much appreciate any pointer to him or to any other package.

I am looking for a Public Domaine package written in either C or Fortran
or one which is affordable at least.

regards, el

Eberhard W. Lisse
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Burn Unit
Technical University Aachen, West Germany

newsgroup if you feel it is of sufficiant interest.


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Thanks in advance,
Ron Morley
Zenith Data Systems
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