Problems booting SV/386 on Intel AT-386-Computer

Problems booting SV/386 on Intel AT-386-Computer

Post by Uli We » Mon, 02 Apr 1990 17:21:00

hello everybody out there,

i'm working with an Intel 80386-mainboard, Intel 2 mb 32-Bit Above-Board,
GENOA Super Hires Graphik-Card, Mitsubishi Multiscan-Monitor (1471??),
NCL-Controler (ST506-Type), CDC WRENII80SH Harddisk and CHINON 1.2 MB

Running DOS, i don't have real problems. But UNIX...

I bought Microport System V/386 and tried to install by booting the
boot disk. The prompt "boot:" appears and i hit RETURN. Boot starts,
but about 20 sec later there appear some beeps on the speaker and ...
the system has hung up.

Even changing graphic modus to monochrome does change anything.

So, is anybody out there running System V/386 on an Intel 80386-
Mainboard? Anyone else suggestions?

Any comments are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Problems booting SV/386 on Intel AT-386-Computer

Post by Chuck Forsberg WA7K » Mon, 02 Apr 1990 19:26:00

Make sure the "emulation" switch on the diplay adapter is turned off.
Boards such as the Genoa generate interrupts to their ROM BIOS to help
switch emulation modes.  Needless to say, the ROM BIOS doesn't
understand protected mode, etc.

I have noticed that the 286 Microport won't boot up with an Everex EVGA
even with the emulation/automode turned off.  But there didn't seem to
be any problem with the Genoa.

Currently, the Genoa is the main display on a 386 Xenix box.  I haven't
tried the EVGA on Xenix yet, but intend to when I get a version that can
make use of a VGA.

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