Unix POPmail Client...

Unix POPmail Client...

Post by bod » Mon, 22 Apr 1996 04:00:00


I was wondering if anyone knows of a text-based unix POPmail client. I
normally use Eudora from home, and do NOT want to forward my mail.
However, I am often on the road and need to check my mail from a shell
account, which is difficult right now [yes I know about TIA, etc]. What I
want is a unix text-based POPmail client. Does such a beast exist?

Please CC response via email, as my news server only keeps mail for about 24



Brian J. Bodensteiner                     University of California



1. popmail client

Date: 06 Aug 1996 06:19:00 -0400

Organization: klop
Lines: 18
X-Newsreader: Gnus v5.1

        Anyone know of a good offline popmail client? I just need it
to grab any new mails I have from the popserver and disconnect. I'm
using a li'l pgm called popclient which does it' job very well. But I
want to keep my mail on the pop server just in case I do something
stupid and delete it from my own spool. With this setting, popclient
grabs all of my mail old and new of course... which I don't want.

        So... anyone know of another pgm that will only retrieve my
new mail and not just grab all of my mail from the server? Something
like what ack.. Netscape can do... it just grabs the new mail. I'm
assuming it' using UID (unique id header to see if the mail has been
checked yet or not).

        Any info appreciated!


noitpo na si htaed ... xus efil                         ARGH! sigh...

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