Sound File Formats

Sound File Formats

Post by Michael Butle » Fri, 02 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Hello All, Happy New Year

        A quick question: I am beginning work on my thesis this week and
will be writing a WWW database program that will store and make
available sound clips of pronounciations of computer scientists names
and was wondering what file formats I should initially support. I was
thinking of supporting only 2 to start with: .wav and .aiff. I think
these are quite popular in the Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac operating
systems. What do you guys (and gals) think? Should I support more? Are
these file formats universal enough? Forgive me if this is off topic but
I want to get a broad range of opinions from different areas of

Thanks in advance
Mike Butler


1. .au sound file format


I am suppose to program with the .au sound files. Could anyone tell me
where I can find any specifications for this sound file format and other
sound file formats?

I found on web that this is the sun audio format, so I guess maybe I can
ask the question on UNIX programmer because there may be other unix
programmers working on this sound format.

Ran Pang
SE 99
tel: (905)529-5619

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