MacDraw-->PostScript saves, and devps question...

MacDraw-->PostScript saves, and devps question...

Post by Tom Cianflo » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 18:30:00

Macs we've got.
UNIX we've got. (Gould UTX)
PostScript printer we've got. (DataProducts LZ2665)

1) What is the correct command from MacDraw that saves the
MacDraw file in PostScript?

2) Any tricks to uploading these files from the Mac to UNIX?
We've got a few terminal programs, MacLine, and Red Rider and
a few others too.

3) Does anyone use devps and if so how well does it work when
it comes to sourcing MacDraw-generated PostScript graphics into
troff documents?  Can the MacDraw-generated PostScript files
be sourced as is?  What does the command line in the troff document
look like for sourcing in these files?

4) Any disadvantages switching to devps?  We use transcript now.

5) Does the latest transcript have the PostScript support featured
in devps?

Any help is much appreciated.  We are trying desperately to do
electronic cut and paste here, but need help with deciding the
best way to go.  This approach seems ideal since we seem to
have almost everything we need already.

Please email.  If you can't get through, post.  I will begin
to monitor this group now.  thanks again...

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There is a simple word processor designed around the MS RTF format; it
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actually need the intermediate PDF, Ghostscript includes a script to
generate PDF from Postscript called ps2pdf.

A quick poke at freshmeat reveals the name: Maxwell.


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