How to suppress 'Cannot stat "xxx"' message in tcsh

How to suppress 'Cannot stat "xxx"' message in tcsh

Post by S.RamNaray » Thu, 07 Sep 1995 04:00:00


I use tcsh as my default  shell on a Unix machine with a lot of cross  mounted
directories.  I sometimes get the message

tcsh: getwd: Cannot stat "personal" (No such file or directory)
tcsh: Trying to start from "/home/myname"
                               +------ My home directory

I see that there is no directory or file by name 'personal' in my path.  I get
this message  only at times.  I suspect  that there is a stale NFS file handle
in one of the cross mounted directories.  How to suppress this message in tcsh
?  I find this annoying as when I import or export text from my editor session
(startup a shell), this message comes up at the head of the text.  I don't get
this problem with 'csh'.

Clarifications awaited.

RamNarayan S.