TUNEX - UNIX OS Performance Tuning tool, AT&T UNIX System Toolchest

TUNEX - UNIX OS Performance Tuning tool, AT&T UNIX System Toolchest

Post by Scott Bemi » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 11:04:00


Has anyone used TUNEX - the UNIX OS Performance Tuning Tool - from the
AT&T UNIX System Toolchest?  Good or bad comments?? Please forward any
comments to me.

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1. Systems Administrators/VMS/UNIX/NeXT/OS Upgrades/Performance Tuning/

Hi folks,

We are currently searching for people with Systems Administration
backgrounds. Any help you can offer in suggesting someone to network
with, would be most appreciated!



#12274 Systems Administrators (3) - VMS/UNIX/NeXT Systems    (Recruiter)

Will be responsible for providing systems administration and
support to company's diverse systems. Requires 3+ years industry
experience with knowledge of systems administration, VAX/VMS, UNIX,
AIX, NeXT systems, performance tuning, OS upgrade, software migrations.
Location: (OK/TX/MO/Multiple openings).

For immediate confidential phone interview, email/fax resume AND call:

Marty Lebowitz/CIS
Tel: 617-232-8300
Fax: 617-232-6240

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