Beeper software needed for unix

1. Beeper/Pager Software for Unix

The company I work for is in wireless data communications.  The HipLink
production Paging product runs on Unix & NT for that matter, to deliver a
"driver" class solution serving the needs of the entire network.

The software currently supports beepers, alpha pagers, PCS phones and
GSM/SMS.  And It's installed around the world.

CCI tends to get involved in the critical messaging envrinments where
shareware and first generation paging solutions have fallen short. Of course
we have the Unix, Visual Basic and Web Front-ends and we focus on 4 key

        o Network/Enterprise Management (OpenView, ....)
        o Help Desk Messaging (ARS, Vantive, ..)
        o Internet Service providers (Email/Web Messaging & Monitoring)
        o General Dispatch (Communicating with Field/Support Personnel)

We're looking for Software Vendors and Resellers that are interested in
integrating/reselling HipLink in their markets. for more information or an evaluation copy.


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