SCSI pass-thru interface in SV/386 R4

SCSI pass-thru interface in SV/386 R4

Post by Your Name He » Sun, 29 Jan 1995 23:02:02

Has anyone out there had any success using the SCSI PassThru interface
under SV/386 running on an Intel Multibus II platform ?

I have a manual for SvR4 (note the lack of 386!) but it appears to be out
of date with respect to the software.

I would appreciate some help from anyone who has used this interface
(done via IOCTL calls on a special device file)

I am afraid that my inbound mail is broken - so please feel free to post
a reply or (better still) contact me via any of the following methods

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anThanksicipation ??!?!?!


1. Problems booting SV/386 on Intel AT-386-Computer

hello everybody out there,

i'm working with an Intel 80386-mainboard, Intel 2 mb 32-Bit Above-Board,
GENOA Super Hires Graphik-Card, Mitsubishi Multiscan-Monitor (1471??),
NCL-Controler (ST506-Type), CDC WRENII80SH Harddisk and CHINON 1.2 MB

Running DOS, i don't have real problems. But UNIX...

I bought Microport System V/386 and tried to install by booting the
boot disk. The prompt "boot:" appears and i hit RETURN. Boot starts,
but about 20 sec later there appear some beeps on the speaker and ...
the system has hung up.

Even changing graphic modus to monochrome does change anything.

So, is anybody out there running System V/386 on an Intel 80386-
Mainboard? Anyone else suggestions?

Any comments are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

 Ulrich Weis                        | UUCP:  ...!uunet!unido!sbsvax!chauvi

 D-6600 Saarbruecken 11, W. Germany | Phone: +49 681 302 4136

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