How do I execute scape commands on a Laser remote printer ??

How do I execute scape commands on a Laser remote printer ??

Post by Juan J. Vázquez Blanc » Thu, 29 May 1997 04:00:00

I need print on a LaserJet 4si Remote printer using PCL5 scape commands
within the file wich i print.
I have configured the printer like LaserJet or Unknown, but in both cases
the printer print the commands instead of execute them.
If I print the same file from MS-DOS or Windows NT the printer execute de


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        I'm trying to setup the laserprinter on my Linux hosts that
has BSD printer spooling and am having some problems.

Here is my /etc/printcap

laser2030|HP laser printer:\

I don't think I need the lp=    command.

The rc scripts start /usr/sbin/lpd

I ran lpc and started the printer daemon and enabled the printer. However,
the printer daemon still shows not started although the ps -eax says its

Next verified that the necessary spool directories were earlier created.
The permissions are 777 (not sure what they should be). Also set the
owner and group to root. I've played with daemon, root and lp combinations
to see if it corrects my problem. I even put each of them in each others
group via the /etc/group file.

Next sent an ASCII file to the printer using lpr. Verified that the
subdirectory for the spooler contains the .seq lock and cf/df file etc.
Did a ps -eax to see that a second lpd daemon was forked for this
print job with the pid matching the lock file value. Also checked
the status file message agains't the lpq one.

However, nothing prints. The second lpd daemon still is running.
When I do "lpq -P laser2030" the status messages says the
queue isn't enabled but lpc says it is. The print job listing shows
the file to be printed. Then the last message says the "Queue doesn't
exist". I don't understand this one since file to be printed is in
the spool directory (the queue). I don't have the source code
to see what the code is looking at to determine the conditions
under which "Queue doesn't exist" message should be displayed.

Any help is appreciated.


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