performance measurements on unix-systems (V.3 680X0)

performance measurements on unix-systems (V.3 680X0)

Post by Chris Parkin Lilley [cs1 » Sat, 03 Mar 1990 19:35:55

>We are trying to make some performance measurements on unix systems, but we had
>stated that the official V.3 environment is infantly primitive in this area -
>the only reasonable (but not the best is 'sar').

>What I'm looking for, are tools allowing you to see:

 [etc. etc. ]

I would also be interested in any pointers to information on tuning
(particularly with reference to V.3/680X0) cos' I'm going to have to do some
real soon.



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1. Performance Measurement Utilities, System V

I am looking for leads to persons or manuals that would
advance my knowledge of tuning system V for minimum overhead
as well as tuning the disk subsystem for maximum throughput.
I would also be interested in any information that describes
work load analysis, how to use performance tools, and housekeeping
techniques that reduce peak load and estimating capacity.

Thank you.
James R. Regan

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