Remote Line Printer Daemon

Remote Line Printer Daemon

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Does anybody out there know of a site from which I could ftp the source code
for a remote line printer daemon (rlp or lpr daemon).  I have a friend who is
setting up a network for a big public hospital and the ICL-Fujitsu boxes the
hospital has did not come with this daemon.  We believe that all we need is
the source code (probably in C) and we can then compile it on our machine.

Any suggestions would be appreciated...


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We have a Panasonic 3626 printer that is set up on the network via a
HP JetDirect print server.  Whenever we lose power (printer reset),
the printer reverts to a page size of 11".  To fix this, we have to
disconnect the printer from the print server, connect it to a PC that
has the Panasonic utility software and reset the page size to 7".
This is a major hassle, esp since the printer is used to print AP

Is there any way that I can set a flag via chvirprt to send a control
sequence to set the page size?  If so, what is the flag and what would
the value be?

Bud Hann
The Vista Support Group

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