Inode info... please help.

Inode info... please help.

Post by Mark Muli » Mon, 24 Jan 1994 16:22:54

I looked in the manual for inode but can't seem to figure out the difference
between an inode and in-core inode.  I have a UNIX manual that speaks of
inode but nothing is mentioned about which one.  Could someone explain as
best they can about both or point me to an information source.

And oh yeah... where exactly is the physical location of an inode.
Thanks in advance..


1. HELP PLEASE: can't fix FS (inode count too big)


don't know how this could happen, but I've got a corrupt filesystem now,
and neither fsck -a/-r can fix this. (Yes, I usually *do* a shutdown
before turning off the system ;-)

The problem is: after correcting some things, fsck gives me:
        Warning: inode count too big
and it seems to run into an infinite loop, cause I get this messsage
over and over for about half an hour until it stops with "memory exhausted"
BTW, it's a plain vanilla Minix/Linux FS.

I don't have *any* idea how this can be fixed.  Is there a kind soul who
can help me out of this mess?  Yes I tried RTFM, but no doc for fsck on
my SLS .98 system with .99pl6 kernel, and the doc for efsck didn't really
help me.

PLEASE, PLEASE, help me. I'm lost ...
Thank you,

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