Opinions on Intel Unix and News?

Opinions on Intel Unix and News?

Post by Rick Gord » Fri, 30 Apr 1993 05:07:41

As part of getting a full Internet connection (upgrading from our
limited UUCP dialup) we're also exploring upgrading the news server.
Given the commodity nature of PC's, plust the fact that they are
pretty generic hardware in our company, we're looking at the different
Unix systems out there. We're scrounging for hardware right now -
currently it looks like we'll only have a 386/20 with 12MB RAM and a
300MB ESDI drive to start with. (We're trying to do better however -
please suggest minimal configs if you have such knowledge).
The current implementation plan is to install C News and get it working
reliably, then as thing settle down move on to INN. (Since INN requies
C news history and other files it seemed simpler this way.)
The question I'm trying to answer is now is: which Unix to get?
Options include:
Univel's Unixware - SVR4 w TCP/IP and SDK < $1000
BSD/386 - full source $1000
Interactive - $1200 retail, haven't seen street price
Linux - corporatios are afraid of roll-your-own beta software w/o support.      

Oh yeah, and there's always NeXTSTep - we have a few of those boxes around
although we hate to waste such a nice interface on a news server!

Anyway, if you have installed and/or administered News on any of these
versions of Unix, or generally have an informed opinion you'd like to
share with me, email it and I'll eventually post some sort of summary
of what I heard and what I decided on.

Thanks in advance.

rick g


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Dear Netland,
  I have a project which is going on at my workplace which will be
allowing us to have UNIX.  The boss has decided that the best
(i.e. cheapest) way to do so would be to run UNIX off of a 486
machine.  I need to find out opinions on what the best package
of intel-based UNIX there exists.  We have already looked a
bit at SCO but I am just seeing what else is out there. I
would need a package which would be able to handle TCP/IP
as well. Please give your opinions as well as any problems some
of the packages have. I would also be interested in phone numbers/
addresses from which I can get more information on each of the
different packages available. Please help me if possible.
Thanks in advance.

p.s. Please email replys since I am not always able to get to
the USENET groups in time to see responses. Thank you.

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