ISDN hardware/software combinations for PCs running SCO

ISDN hardware/software combinations for PCs running SCO

Post by Jerry Lesl » Thu, 23 Feb 1995 00:55:19

: Sorry if this seems stupid but I'm a newbie to this stuff. I've been
: asked for a selection of good hardware software to choose from.

: Any suggestions?

which is the source of the following text:

"This FAQ is posted biweekly to the comp.dcom.isdn news group with an
 expiration period of two weeks.  This FAQ is available via anonymous ftp
 to host, in the directory /pub/usenet/news.answers/isdn-faq.
 It's also accessible via the e-mail server -- send the command
 "send usenet/news.answers/isdn-faq/*" (without the quotes) in the body

 via any other site that shadows news.answers.  Some of these sites

    North America:                     /usenet/news.answers
    Europe:           /pub/FAQ
    Asia:                /USENET/FAQ

 If you have Web access, I recommend you access Dan Kegel's ISDN Web
 page at, which has even more ISDN
 information and a pointer to a Web-accessible copy of this ISDN FAQ."

After reading that, you can post to the comp.dcom.isdn newsgroup for further


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1. Embedded Linux: looking for proven hardware / software combination

I am currently designing an embedded application course
dealing with software development for spacecraft, and am
looking for a proven combination of hardware and real-time

The hardware should approximately meet the following capabilities:
        ~100 MHz PPC architecture
        ~32 MB Ram
        ~2 MB non-volatile memory (flash or eeprom)
        2 serial connections
        able to interface to A/D, D/A, and digital i/o boards
        PC-104 form factor and electrical interface preferred
        supported by a realtime Linux with a board support package

The real-time Linux should meet the following requirements:
        has board support package for the hardware
        cross-compiled to target from Solaris
        open source
        easy turn-key setup with hardware

I would appreciate postings of any experiences with combinations
that work.


        -Chris Grasso

Dr. Christopher A. Grasso
ECE Department
University of Colorado

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