Printcap entry for HP 7475A plotter on DEcstation 5000/240

Printcap entry for HP 7475A plotter on DEcstation 5000/240

Post by Rakesh Ja » Wed, 26 Jan 1994 06:42:02

hi there,

        I recently found a HP 7475A Graphics Plotter from the store room
        at my work place during some cleanup process. The plotter seems to be
        in very good condition. I would like to connect this plotter to my
        decstation 500/240 or alpha machines. It has a RS-232 port on it.
        Can someone help me getting the printcap entry for this plotter.
        Also is there any software or drives for this plotter which can print
        graphs or postscript graph files.

Thanks a lot,


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Is there a port of Linux to the above platform? Or one in the pipeline?
Any help woul be greatly appreciated.


James Bourne

James Bourne
TAPS Development
Telstra Multimedia Pty. Ltd.
Phone: 02 9903 3435

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