CURSES library vs. TAM library

CURSES library vs. TAM library

Post by Forrie Aldri » Sun, 15 Mar 1992 05:02:32

How easy (or difficult) would it be to port a program that was initially
written using CURSES to the TAM library?  My documentation says TAM was
created to make this easy, however doesn't provide any technical advice
or direction (it's AT&T documentation...).  I realize this probably
depends on what calls to curses the program has initially.

For ONE example, the public-domain program PCOMM:  that would be nice to
port to the TAM library.

I would appreciate any advice that could be given on this subject, or
direction of where to research.

PLEASE EMAIL ANY REPLIES/RESPONSES or I won't get them.  This group is *not*
fed to my site.

Thanks in advance...

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