CRON command..

CRON command..

Post by MAHINDRA K VADDINE » Tue, 15 Jun 1993 03:33:10

I wolud like to how a CRON cammand is used in unix.
According to the description given in the man pages
it executes commands at specified dates and times.

What are crontab files? How are they used in running cron
command? Is cron command a super user command?



1. cron: command not found ???

I've been manualy running ntpdate to sync my clock to a ntp server.  I
finally got the bright idea to have cron do this, but for some reason cron
sends me an email instead saying "/bin/sh: ntpdate: command not found".

Now when I am logged in as root, the command runs fine.  ntpdate is located
in /usr/sbin.  Do I need to link this to some other directory so cron can
find it?

System is RH linux 7.0


- Joe

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