SCO ANSI terminal vs. regular ANSI terminal

SCO ANSI terminal vs. regular ANSI terminal

Post by Mark Morl » Fri, 12 Feb 1993 05:10:47

: I hate to burst your bubble, but the sco ansi terminal is fully ansi.
: All the ansi standard says is that if you implement a capability then
: it's 'ESCape' sequence is a certain way.  They define hundreds of possible
: capabilities, but no mechanism for finding out which ones the device supports.
: Dec's vt180 printer also use ansi sequences including the ones for changing
: the font pitch.  Dec VT100 class terminal also use the "Verdor extensions"
: that ansi allows.  No where in the standard are any of the sequences manditory
: so two terminals both total ansi compatible may need to have totaly different
: sequences sent to them.  This is in fact the problem between SCO ansi,
: DOS's ansi.sys, Dec's vt100/vt220/vt320/vt420..., Dec's printers, and
: anything else that is claims to be ansi standard.

I don't know if anyone's interested, but I've written (am writing) a
terminal emulator for DOS that works correctly with SCO Unix/Zenix ansi
escape sequences.  By these I'm referring to the codes to change colors,
etc on the console.  It also "does" TTY, VT52, VT102, and VT200.
The emulation is pretty well complete, I'm just working on cleaning up the
menus, etc.  It currently runs over serial ports (COM1-COM8), and
LAT/CTERM Ethernet connections.  TELNET capability is on the way.  It's
$20 shareware for individuals/educational institutes/hospitals.  It's $35
for commercial/government.  Not crippled, and no nagging.  If you need
such a beast for accessing your SCO box, let me know and I'll see about
sending you a copy to beta test.



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