Wanted: X, ansi, Terminal emulator?

Wanted: X, ansi, Terminal emulator?

Post by Mark Ussh » Mon, 02 May 1994 11:08:57

Where can I find an X Windows, ansi Terminal Emulator?
(Pref... SCO UNIX)

Mark Ussher (B. App. Sci.)


Wanted: X, ansi, Terminal emulator?

Post by Paul Wolots » Thu, 05 May 1994 17:49:06

: Where can I find an X Windows, ansi Terminal Emulator?
: (Pref... SCO UNIX)

There is an SCOansi X-Term available via anonymous FTP from sosco.sco.com

I don't remember exactly where it is - you will have to check the info files -
it is either in the EFS or SLS directory (I think!).


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1. WANTED: Windows SCO ANSI Terminal Emulator Free or Shareware

I actually have two different requirements for terminal emulators.

1>  Dial up via a modem
2>  Connect via Winsock

Please would someone be kind enough to recommend a Freeware or
Shareware Terminal emulator for Windows that can emulate a SCO ANSI

The UNIX software we use, has only been set up to work
properly with two terminal types, SCO ANSI and Wyse 50.  The ANSI BBS
supplied with most terminal emulators or communication packages, does
not display the extra graphics lines (to draw boxes) properly, and has
different escape sequences for the Function Keys.

What would be even better is a terminal emulator where the
terminals keyboard and display codes could be customised.

I don't expect to get one package that does both dial up and Winsock, I
expect two, which is fine.  But if there is one that does both, even

Please would you supply the full ftp address of where I can get the
files from.

Many thanks in advance.
John C. Brown        Essex, England

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