SUMMARY: SunOs rmount on Ultrix disks

SUMMARY: SunOs rmount on Ultrix disks

Post by KARAGEOR%CTSTATEU.BIT.. » Sun, 05 May 1991 01:41:25

        Many people talked about reducing the group size of the net. Since
I was running with the three generic Ultrix groups , that did not help.
Ric Anderson's reply solved the problem. On the Sun systems run "rpc.mountd"
without the "-n" security option. That clears the path for the mounting process
but not without a hassle. The Sun system had to be rebooted and the filesystems
rmounted from the automounter. It did not work at interactive mode. Another
little detail is that on the Ultrix side the "mountd" daemon was running with-
out the "-i" optiion. Since that worked I left it alone and now the net is
        Many thanks to all the people that replied.


1. SUNOS rmount to ULTRIX disks

I wonder if anyone out there had the same problem
        I am running a little net consisting of 1 decstation 5000/200
, 2 sun386i and 1 sun3/150. The problem is on NFS mounts of filesystems.
When the decstation mounts remotely on one of the filesystems of the suns the
systems it works like a charm. When i am trying to mount a SUN subdirectory
to  Decstation filesystem then ultrix responds with "RPC failure: Invalid client
     Any insight anyone?

the decstation is running ultrix 4.1
the sun 386is run sunos 4.0.1
the sun 3/150 runs sunos 4.1.1

        Attempts that have already failed :
removed the "-i" from "mountd" :Same problem
included all hostnames and internet addresses into yellow pages but did not
delete the server's hosts file.
copied the "rpc" file from the suns to the server and made it public through
yellow pages (NIS)(sic)(SICK!).
rewrote the "exports" file without tabs.
PS. the decstation is the YP server.

                Thank you
        Angelos Karageorgiou

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