How to unset 'tab' on xterm ... ??

How to unset 'tab' on xterm ... ??

Post by Kayliang O » Sat, 14 Sep 1991 06:00:12


I am sending out this request for help again because
 I have not get any reply so far.

I would like to know how would one unset the 'tab' key
 on xterm. Normally, typing a 'tab' key will try
 to put about 8 spaces and what I would like to do
 is to set it to print only one space.
Is the translation of the 'tab' determined by xterm or by
 'stty' ? How do I reset it ?

Related to this problem, if I have set my terminal to
 handle punctual input of a buffer of one character and
 and I would like to allow echoing, how do one deal with backspace ?
If you already have the experience of dealing with this problem,
 I would really appreciate you can show me you solution.
Thank you.

KayLiang Ong


1. Need Help with 'Tab' on Xterm

Help needed badly !
Does anyone out there knows how to reset the number of spacing outputed
 whenever a 'tab' is typed in "xterm" ?
I have tried the following two ways:

Using stty:

% stty tabs
- trying to untranslate 'tab'

Using system call:

  if (ioctl(this->fd,TCGETA,&tbuf) == -1)
  tbuf.c_oflag &= ~TAB0;
  if (ioctl(this->fd,TCSETAF,&tbuf) == -1)

- I believe TAB0 sets it zero default spacing
- there are others such TAB1, TAB2 & XTABS that
  set to four, eight spacing (I guess)
- for XTABS, I am not sure


They both do not work. I really do not know what
 is wrong. If you do know, I would really appreciate
 you let me know.

My Deep appreciation.

KayLiang Ong

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