Automatic Account Allocations

Automatic Account Allocations

Post by Dwight Ki » Thu, 07 Jan 1993 01:03:30

I have a unique question. I have a program that is written in C. This
program is used by the Computer Center here on Campus to grant students
accounts on the systems that are available. The student simply logs on to
the machine that they wish to work on (UNIX, VAX, Mainframe) using the ID
of accounts. This is a captive account that asks them for their Social
Security Number and their birth date. Then with this information the
captive account verifies their enrollment as a student on a central
database. If they are enrolled then the captive account then creates them
an account on that system.

What I am interested in finding out is if there is a commercial product
that would do the same thing or something similar?

I thank you for the responses before hand.


1. Global / Automatic / Static storage allocation

Hi ,
    Can anyone explain how the space is alocated for the Global
(Initialised / Uninitialised ), Static , Automatic Variables . Is it
done during the compilation time or is it done at the run time . Does
the exectable created after compilation & linking contains some space
for the Global initialised variables or everything is picked up at the
run time .

Manoj Agiwal
HCL Technologies

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