Guide to intermediate UNIX books

Guide to intermediate UNIX books

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Though I posted a previous version before, some questions about What to Read
Next have prompted me to post this updated list.

                 Books on Shell:  An Annotated Guide
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Using this Guide

This is a guide to learning the UNIX shell.  The  focus  is  on  book-
length  treatment of either the Bourne or C shell, though I do mention
some other books that use the shell  in  particularly  interesting  or
useful ways.  Except for Bourne, I omit introductory UNIX books.
=> indicates the best book of its type.

Introductory Shell

=> UNIX C Shell Field Guide, Gail Anderson and  Paul  Anderson,  1986,
374pp  ($23.95).   The  most  thorough treatment of C shell available.

UNIX Shell Programming, Lowell Jay Arthur, 1986, 261pp ($22.95).  Good
presentation of Bourne shell, and covers shell functions.  (Wiley)

The UNIX System V Environment, Stephen R Bourne, 1986, 378pp ($23.95).
Chapter  8's  scripts are stellar, especially the tennis ladder.  (Up-
date of Version 7 book.) (Addison-Wesley)

=> UNIX Shell Programming, Stephen G Kochan and Patrick H Wood,  1985,
422pp  ($24.95).   The best single book on shells.  Bourne shell, with
chapters on C shell and Korn shell.  Covers shell functions.  (Hayden)

The UNIX Shell Programming Language, Rod Manis and Marc H Meyer, 1986,
300pp  ($24.95).   Bourne shell, with chapters on System V shell, Korn
shell, and C shell.  Has 76 pages of VERY handy shell  scripts.   Also
treats named pipes.  (Sams)

Advanced  UNIX-A  Programmer's  Guide,  Stephen  Prata,  1986,   484pp
($21.95).  Half shell, half C.  (Sams)

Advanced Programmer's Guide to UNIX System V, Rebecca Thomas, Lawrence
R  Rogers  and  Jean Yates, 1986, 575pp ($21.95).  Treats Bourne and C
shell.  (Osborne)

Intermediate Shell

Tricks of the UNIX Masters, Russell Sage, 1987 (22.95).  A treasure of
useful shell scripts.  (Sams)

=> The UNIX Programming Environment, Brian W Kernighan and  Rob  Pike,
1984, 357pp ($22.95).  Must-read for serious UNIX users.  Well written
and insightful.  (Prentice-Hall)

Shell for System Administration

UNIX System Administration, David Fiedler and Bruce  H  Hunter,  1986,
320pp ($24.95).  Chock full of useful scripts.  (Hayden)

UNIX System Security, Patrick H Wood and Stephen G Kochan, 1985, 299pp
($34.95).  Appendices have valuable Bourne shell scripts.  (Hayden)
Copyright 1987 by Jim Joyce.  Permission to reprint this in its
entirety  is granted so long as author's name, affilia-
tion, address, and phone number are included.
*UNIX is a Registered Trademark of AT&T

Reading List #2           February 25, 1987             Books on Shell


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