SCCS Replacement

SCCS Replacement

Post by Scott Nich » Wed, 16 Feb 1994 12:59:42

Subject:  Tools compatible with SCCS wanted for merging
          source code

I am interested in locating software configuration
management tools that are free, compatible with Software
Change Control System (SCCS), and include an auto-merge
feature to integrate source code from two separate
software baselines.   Please pass along any information
you have regarding this topic.  Also, any recommendation
of tools currently on the market that contain auto-merge
features (i.e., ClearCase by Atria) would be helpful.      

Please send any direct responses to:

Thank you very much.
Scott Nichol


1. SCCS replacement?

I am looking for a GUI based replacement for SCCS. Public domain would
be nice but money can be spent.


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