Looking for rdump/rrestore source code

Looking for rdump/rrestore source code

Post by ala.. » Sun, 21 Jul 1991 03:39:04

Hi there!  I run a mixed network of A/UX Macs and Commodore Amigas,
the latter running SVR4.  My problem is that we've pretty much
standardized on rdump/rrestore as our backup programs of choice,
and that these programs are not supported on SVR4.  I would appreciate
it if someone could point me towards source for rdump/rrestore,
or barring that, even code for plain dump/restore--I'll put in
the rmt(8) interface myself if I have to.  Thanks!



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For those of you who saw my previous query regarding how to dump an NFS
partition, I've got my answer.  Basically Sun made a mistake in their
documentation, its not possible.  They told me that they have no plans to do
an rdump/rrestore to go with their dump/restore for the Fuji3480 tape drive.
They sold us half a package and we are getting our money back.

However, this still leaves me high and dry on using the Fuji3480 for backups.
What we would like to do now is write our own version of dump/restore/rdump/
rrestore to use here.  Is it possible to get any source to these utilities?
Sun said 'no' without a source license, then they happily offered to do the
programming for us, onsite (they don't have a drive), for what would run
about $50,000.  Does source exist anywhere in PD form?  If so, where can I
ftp it from?

                "I'm going under the table."  - Bernard Shaw

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