How do you unzip a .zip file if you ain't got zip?

How do you unzip a .zip file if you ain't got zip?

Post by David Hu » Sat, 06 Mar 1993 02:20:21

> May sound silly but I can't find an unzip utility for Unix
> that I can get to.  The only one I know of is
> Obviously no help.

> There's also a zip.tar-z but I don't know to open it up nor
> do I know what it does if I can open it.

Well this is a compressed tar file, first rename it to zip.tar.Z, then
uncompress zip.tar.Z, then tar -tvf | more (have a look to see what happens
before you expand it), if it opens into a directory issue tar -xvf zip.tar,
if it just expands into files without a preceeding directory, make a
directory called zipsrc, move the zip.tar file into it THEN issue tar -xvf

You can check the manpages for tar & uncompress for extra info, I would
expect that you will find the zip 'C' sources inside the tar, you will then
have to compile then for your flavour of unix.


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 I have a bunch of CD-ROM's, each with a bunch of .zip files (containing all
sorts of data). However, I don't have enough free space on my hard drive to
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 So: I would like to be able to type "cd /mnt/cdrom", and then "cd",
and be able to access the files through bash without having to actually
unzip the .zip files - for example, using 'more' to browse through text files
within the .zip file, or 'zgv' for images, or 'lynx' for HTML files.

 I know of 'gzcat', but the files I use aren't always text files, and the .zip
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 Do you know of something that I can download to make my life easier, or do
I need to teach myself C?

Thank you for your time,
Daniel Boese, the agnostic Gnostic

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