Need help adding 3rd parallel port to SCO SystemV/386 machine

Need help adding 3rd parallel port to SCO SystemV/386 machine

Post by Todd Mailand » Wed, 07 May 1997 04:00:00

I need to know what system file needs to be edited in order to add a 3rd
parallel port to a SCO Unix System V / 386 machine.  I'd go in and poke
around myself, but this is a production system that can't be down for any
extended periods of time.  Any help/suggestions would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks.

Todd Mailandt


1. Problem adding new drive on SCO/386 machine

I've run into a problem adding a disk drive to a SCO/386 machine and I
was wondering if anyone had any ideas.  The machine has an Adaptec 2740
SCSI card, and it's been configured with the 1540 ad SCSI driver.  There
are 2 SCSI disks, and one SCSI tape drive currently in the machine.  The
disk drives are at IDs 0 and 1, and the tape drive and ID 2.  I added a
third drive at SCSI ID 3, and the firmware sees the new drive, but
SCO doesn't.  I did a "mkdev hd 2 0 0 ad" and rebuilt the kernel and
kernel environment.  When I did it the second time, as I'm supposed
to for a SCSI drive, it complained it couldn't open /dev/rdsk/2s0.  I
looked and no such device existed.  I tried creating the device
manually with the major/minor of 1,128, and when I tried accessing
the device, it complained there was no such device or address.

All the utilities for dealing with disks want a working device, but
the kernel refuses to see the new drive.  Any ideas as to what I need
to do to make the kernel see the new drive?
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