Need help not passing make vars as env vars in gmake.

Need help not passing make vars as env vars in gmake.

Post by Wesley Dunningt » Thu, 02 Apr 1992 04:52:21

A feature of gmake is that environment variables can be used just like
make variables. The only problem is that it also converts the current make
variables into environment variables for the use of any commands or makes
that you execute.

This would all be fine except for the fact that SCO unix has a very small
maximum environment size. I have done everything I can to not use much
environment space, but often I still get the error:
execve: /bin/sh: Arg list too long

- this is for trying to execute the command 'make -C dtAdmin install'

Does anyone know of a way to turn off the conversion of make variables into
environment variables??


Wesley Dunnington


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I am trying to reference an environment variable from within an
environment variable.

    echo $"$x"

    gives me $HOME and not /home/paul
    echo $x

    gives me $HOME and not /home/paul

I could write a c program that would use getenv recursively, but it
would me more aesthetically pleasing to use a (simple ?) shell command.
Is there anything I'm missing, or am I attempting the impossible ?

I am using ksh on HP-UX 10.20

Please email any thoughts as well as posting them.  Thanks

Paul Graves

EDS Electronic Commerce
Cheadle, Cheshire, UK

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