DEC DMZ32 with 4.3bsd

DEC DMZ32 with 4.3bsd

Post by Jay Ple » Thu, 02 Aug 1990 22:29:00

Are DEC DMZ32's plug'n'play on a VAX 11/750 with the distributed
4.3 BSD dmz driver?  We need modem control.  Please reply by e-mail.
Thanks in advance.
        Jay Plett
        UUCP:   {cmcl2,ihnp4}!lanl!unm-la!jay


1. How do I link f77 objects with plot libraries (4.3bsd)?

I'm trying to write f77 code which calls C functions in the plot libraries
for example:

        CALL arc (ih,ik, ix0,iy0, ixe,iye)

My problem seems to be that the f77 compiler appends an underscore to
the name of the procedure I am trying to call (e.g. _arc_), in lib4013.a
the routine I want to link with is named "_arc".  How can I convince the
linker that that's what I want, or get f77 not to append the underscore?

Thanks in advance,

        dan (I really didn't want to mess with fortran anyways, but...)

tektronix!reed!lclark!dan       "Set the way-back machine Sherman ... "
= == := |-) ;^)

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