emacs faq/guide

emacs faq/guide

Post by Mike Ha » Wed, 10 Mar 1993 08:47:41

I am looking for a good FTPable emacs guide preferably in postscript.  Can
someone suggest a site and also a faq pointer?  Thanks.



1. Is there a kill/ps/process control FAQ/guide?

Hi all...

I'm trying to find a handy dandy reference for the
average sysadm to use when troublshooting hung processes.

Something that would explain the various process states in more
detail than the man pages, as well as what kill signals are
appropriate, how a hung process might be flushed, why some won't
die, what a zombie is, what <defunct> really means, etc, etc.
It would be really cool if it had info on what you can glean
from truss/trace output.

For example, I found that some people did not know that they
could send a continue signal to a process that was STOPPED by
a keyboard CTRL-Z in csh.

Any leads would be really appreciated.  Otherwise I will have to
compile it myself :-/


Computer Geek and Gearhead

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