SCSI Driver that Supports SCSI Target Mode

SCSI Driver that Supports SCSI Target Mode

Post by John Cris » Sat, 02 Feb 1991 00:39:05

  A co-worker is looking for a SCSI driver that will support SCSI target
  mode on a Unix transfer the data over a SCSI bus to a host system for
  further processing.  Please specify the board that is required as
  well.  If the driver is in source, it would be ideal.

  Email any replies.  And thanks in advance.

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I am currently trying to connect to a "scsi device" which outputs a
pI am currently trying to connect to a "scsi device" which outputs a
perscribed sequence of commands and data. It expects only to write to
a Pioneer worm drive. I am trying to trick the device into
thinking that it is talking to a Pioneer drive through Linux and a
SCSI card. My aim is to write the data to a file.

I have been told that to do this I need a SCSI card and driver which
support target mode. Does anyone have experience in doing anything like
this? Which card would you suggest to use under LINUX, that supports
target mode? Is there a target mode driver for it?

The NCR cards and drivers: 53c7,8xx.c and NCR5380.c seem to support
target mode. Has anyone actually used them to do this? Did it work?
I have also been told that the AHA1542B supports target mode.

Any help is much appreciated, thank you,

Mike T.

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