Virtual Disk Space

Virtual Disk Space

Post by Anthony Minko » Thu, 30 Apr 1992 17:25:17

Heh.  I thought that title would get your attention.

Anyway, here's the situation:  I have an account on a Unix machine
(actually, on several), and each account has a quota of 500K of disk
space.  Needless to say, I find this rather restrictive.

I often log on via modem from my Macintosh with a terminal program
that can transfer files via Kermit, XModem, or ASCII.  One obvious
solution is to store my files at home (even a single floppy would
give me an extra 800K, more than doubling my storage capacity),
upload them to /tmp every time I log on, hope they don't get deleted
while I'm logged on (I've had this happen, and it's very annoying--
I was examining a file with less, and when I quit less, the file was
gone!), and delete them myself when I log off.

That's one solution.  It's also a pain in the butt.

I'm wondering whether there's any sort of a system that would allow
me to use my remote storage as local storage, receiving the files
via kermit as needed, and storing them in memory (or virtual memory,
which is somewhat less restricted than disk space-- I can malloc
about 60 megabytes).

Essentially, I'm looking to create a RAM drive in virtual memory
(which sounds kind of silly on the surface, I realize).  Ideally,
the RAM drive should download a directory tree as soon as I log on,
and then download individual files only when I try to access them.

Another way of looking at it is that I want to create a soft link to
my files at home.  The link, when accesses, would download the file
to which it is a link (or just the necessary parts of it), store it
in memory (since sufficient disk space is not available), and then
appear as that file.  When written to, it should upload,

Is such a system possible?  Does such a system exist?

Am I even making sense?

Tony Minkoff


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