HELP IO filters for dialup users

HELP IO filters for dialup users

Post by Bill Roberts » Sun, 14 Feb 1993 00:32:19

I have users accessing a Sun host via dialup lines from Macintosh
computers.  Because the Sun uses LATIN-1 as its internal character
set and the Mac's use Apple's ROMAN there is an incompatibility
in how 8 bit, accented characters are represented.

The process to translate between the two character sets is simple.
I the two filters written already.

Is there a simple way to include these filters so that every character
sent by the sun, passes through the filter before being sent to the
modem and every character received by the modem is passed through the
filter before being passed to the application on the Sun?

An example would be really appreciated.

Bill Robertson CRC/DRL Box 11490 Station H, Ottawa, ON CANADA K2H 8S2


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Sorry to bother you, I am a newbie with ipfw.

I have done all about dialup-firewall through the documentation of
But I have to do more..
My system is shown below :-

FreeBSD 4.2-RELEASE with custome kernel
   option IPFIREWALL

Services running
   Apache, named, ftp, etc.

My NIC is tx0 with IP address of,,
My Windoz boxes are

All working with nat but I would like to allow only the machine with
ip address of - to be able to access
all the internet services via tun0 and also my FreeBSD box. I don't
want the machine with and to go outside
the internet.. How do I do with it?? Please give the sample.. (Cause I
am new to IPFW and now I don't understand ipfw much)

TIA/Praphan O.

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