Canon printer on Sun

Canon printer on Sun

Post by Yves Berthe » Thu, 06 Jun 1991 21:37:36

I am trying to use a canon LBP8II as a laserwriter on a Sun4 (SParstation 2
with SunOS 4.1.) .The printer is connected on the ttyb.

Below you will find the /etc/printcap and the filter I am trying to use.

The printcap entry works well for the ASCII files but not well with dvi files
(LaTeXed and "dvican"ed). I am sure that dvican works well (I used it on
another computer and printed well the files.can he generated).

In fact my filter /usr/local/shell/canondvi seems to be ignored when I
am using the command : lp -odf file.can to change the setup of the line.

Does anybody has an idea about these troubles ?

Thanks in advance



===========/usr/local/shell/canondvi for dvi files=============
/usr/5bin/stty 9600  raw -parity  -opost 0<&1



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