Problem with xterm and trn

Problem with xterm and trn

Post by Zeqing X » Sun, 20 Mar 1994 08:04:41

Hi, everyone,

        I have a problem with xterm and trn. When I use trn on a xterm
session, trn always get more entries than a xterm window can display.
And the first couple of lines of the entries will always scroll off
the window so that I have to use the xterm scrollbar to rollback to
see those lines.

        I wonder if it is a setup problem. Any help is greatly
appreciated. Thanks.

        Fred Xia


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While using trn, every so often, my xterm is corrupted.  The texts in
the xterm from the previous screen are not cleared.
The texts are not cleared even after I have exitted trn and issued
a clear command.

Does anyone know what is the cause of the problem ?  I have this
problem in both Redhat 5 and Redhat 4.2 with trn 3.6.

Wayne Ling

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