where to find "learn" on-line UNIX tutorial

where to find "learn" on-line UNIX tutorial

Post by Nick Fitanid » Fri, 04 Nov 1994 03:55:44

Hi Folks,

Does anyone know where I can find "learn" or a similar tutuorial for the Sun?




1. WTD: basic UNIX tutorial "learn"

Years ago when I was first taking on interest in UNIX, I worked on
an interactive tutorial program called, "learn".  It interactively
taught fun things like "ed", "ex", and "vi".  There's gotta be an
archive of this thing somewhere.  Would some kind soul please
give me a pointer?

I've cross-posted this request to more than one newsgroup, so unless
you want your reply to also go to the other newsgroups, you might
want to just send me e-mail.

Best wishes,

Russ Button

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