sed or awk, how can I do this ?

sed or awk, how can I do this ?

Post by Ralph J. Verril » Sat, 20 Apr 1996 04:00:00

In a Unix script, I'd like to do some file copying.  However, I want to
make the name of the file I am copying  dependent on the input arguments
to the script.  I believe I can do this with either sed or awk, however, I
am not sure how to do it with either.  Can someone please provide an
example?  Thanks.

For example, if I have a file named MRN-001.dat, I'd like to call a script
named copy_file as follows:

copy_file   MRN-001.dat  'MRN'  'RNG'  'MOL'

copy_file would copy the file MRN-001.dat to two files, one named
RNG-001.dat, the other named MOL-001.dat.  The number of files I am
copying will be the number of arguments I provide after the string I would
like to chaange, in this case, 'MRN'.

Thanks again.


Ralph J. Verrilli

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Thanks in advance.


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