How to do line feed on document

How to do line feed on document

Post by COLEMAN SE » Sun, 03 Feb 1991 09:11:52


I was using textedit on a sun and unfortuantly, got lines that were
too long to print. Some lines are actually 13 lines long. ( 80 character

Is there a way using vi to cut the line automatically at 80 characters
without having to go in by hand and add line feeds.

Is there any unix tools to do this?


Sean Coleman

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How to do line feed on document

Post by YANG Liq » Wed, 06 Feb 1991 09:56:31

If there are no characters in document which may be interpreted by nroff, just

        nroff  infile >outfile

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Both the unix implementation and DSZ can handle ascii uploads. Look
for the -a switch.

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