PD Unix Database Program???

PD Unix Database Program???

Post by Dave Potting » Thu, 30 Sep 1993 07:43:19

I'm looking for ANY public domain database program to put on our DecSystem
5000/240 running Ultrix4.3.  I've been told that the RDB program
(digital's database thing from my understanding) is a hog, and that it's
not worth the time.  Is this my only choice, or is there something else I
can use for simple, mundane tasks by Unix novices?

Any info appreciated.


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1. PD Unix Database Program???

I, too, am looking for a database program for UNIX. While a PD app would be
nice, I'd be interested in any reasonable database program that can print
labels and that has a relatively sophisticated search engine.  It doesn't
need to be as fancy as "query by example," but needs to handle a number of
search criteria.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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