How many Servers should we use?

How many Servers should we use?

Post by abe » Wed, 20 Jun 2001 18:41:01

Hi list,

we have to define a architetcure for a heterogenous ERP system (JD
Edwards, Hr Access, specific development, Domino,...). Each one of
these solutions should be ran on 3 tiers (Data, Application and Web

We advise our client to use many physical machines for two reasons at
less :
1) don't have one point of failure
2) editors (JDE, IBM, ...) recommend to use seperate machines for
their products.

our client prefer to use one or two big machines for these reasons :
1) cost
2) ease of administration

I'll be pleased if you can share any idea or experience in this topic!

thanks in advance
Amine Belouali


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Thanks for any help.

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