Help: (mail) content-length/type headers not set

Help: (mail) content-length/type headers not set

Post by Ade Bark » Mon, 11 Apr 1994 10:41:37

Hi there. On my system (microport svr4) the Content-Length
and Content-Type mail headers are not set correctly (they
are left blank.) Most of our users use `elm', which sets
those headers correctly, but somehow rmail changes them to
blanks. Mail sent with `mail' or `mailx' also have blank
length/type headers.

This is causing problems to at least one site a user
sends mail to.

I suspect I misconfigured something. Any hints ? Also, I'd
appreciate for book recommendations which discusses the svr4
mail system.

Thanks in advance,



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I was looking at the headers some Apache servers return and noticed that the
server doesn't always return the content-length :(
I tried looking for a pattern, but it looks like it's random.  Apache sends
the length for some HTML files, and then doesn't for other ones....

for an example, try looking at the headers returned by something like

Does anyone know why that is ?  Also, this may not be only the Apache

Thanks !

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