BSD-style to System V-style conversion

BSD-style to System V-style conversion

Post by Sharan Kalwa » Sat, 21 Apr 1990 04:59:40

a friend of mine who is trying to port a 4.2-bsd based application
to system Vr3, has encountered the subtle differences between the two. is there
any documentation (or has anyone documented experiences) for doing
a conversion/port to System V style ? please send all replies
to me and i will summarize and mail to anyone else who may need such
info. the signals facility in the two differ but all other pointers would
be useful.

many thanx in advance!


1. BSD-style 'dump' sbin utility

  Has anyone ported BSD 'dump' to Linux? The src (eleven files) for it
exists in several versions: for FreeBSD (
/pub4/FreeBSD/~), for NetBSD (\
-current/src/src/sbin/dump), and some unspecified generic kind at the ftp
site; maybe others too (but archie has trouble
differentiating between the BSD program and all manner of other "dump"
files on ftp sites everywhere). Each implementation has different src
files, and I don't know which or whether any will compile and run with
Linux for dumping ext2 filesystems. Will someone advise, or do the port and
post the ported src with or without the executable?

  Thanks, and best regards,

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