386/ix mailx as distributed with 386/ix

386/ix mailx as distributed with 386/ix

Post by Larry Snyd » Tue, 13 Mar 1990 05:04:20

I am having problems with mailx as distributed with 386/ix when
responding to messages.

Check the rmail line in this out:

U larry nstar
# return status on failure
# return address for status or input return
R larry
F D.nstar7606d84
I D.nstar7606d84
C rmail iuvax!ames!claris!apple!uuwest!vox.darkside.com!root iuvax!uiucuxc!egg-id!ucdavis!ucdavis!apple.com!nstar!larry

I replied to a message from vox!root - and check out the path to vox - which
is fine - followed by the secondary path back to nstar (my machine).  This
only happens when using mailx - not mail.

The Northern Star Public Access Unix Site, Notre Dame, Indiana USA

USR HST 219-287-9020 * PEP 219-289-3745 * Hayes V9600 219-289-0286


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