Post by K.H. T » Tue, 15 Jun 1993 21:28:57

Recently, I was using emacs to type my report. After I had finished
around 3 paragraph, I tried to save the file. I accidently press "break"
key then my keyboard was locked. I don't know what to do. I tried using
other terminal to get in the jobs by typing "fg" but it doesn't work. I
type "jobs" but there are no jobs. When I type "ps" I can see my process
id (PID=5150) such as:-

 4215 qw I     0:02 -csh (csh)
 5150 qw I     0:01 /usr/local/system/MicroEMACS/vt100/vt100ue essay
 5202 qW S     0:01 -csh (csh)
 5238 qW R     0:00 ps

Can anyone help me how I can get into the process (PID=5150) to save my file.
Please e-mail to me. I will be away in this few day.
Thanks in advance.
   Please e-mail :-   " Practice always makes perfect !!! "



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Roy Harrington

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