find problem -- bad status

find problem -- bad status

Post by bo.. » Thu, 29 Mar 1990 06:13:39

Hardware: Nixdorf Targon/35 (Pyramid), Software: TOS 3.3.04

I found an error performing the daily backup with AT&T find/cpio:
if you have directories /a /b /c ... /v
with one of these is (like /n) remote mounted (nfs),
but the remote hosts is down,
the comand "find / -print" will (sometimes) forget other directories to
find, even if they are real (not nfs) mounted filesystems !
find produces the error messages:
find: bad status -- /n
find: bad directory tree

It seems a very serios bug, because the result of find is unpredictable !!!

Is it an error in TOS or OS or a general error in find ?
Is it restricted to find or a general bug (/.attlib/libc.a) ?
what can i do to get correct backup all times ?
(find . does not work correct too);
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find problem -- bad status

Post by Conor P. Cahi » Thu, 29 Mar 1990 21:29:40

>  [description of how find(1) has a problem with remote file systems]
>  [when the remote system is down deleted]

>It seems a very serios bug, because the result of find is unpredictable !!!

No this is not a bug in find. Find should stop when it comes to a read
error on a directory/file.  A read error is a very bad thing and you shouldn't
keep running when you run into one.

The problem here is your configuration. Apparently your current configuration
is to soft mount NFS file systems onto the local machine.  Due to the fact
that your remote system can be down you should do one of the following:

        1. Hard mount your NFS file systems.  This will cause the find to wait
           until the remote system comes back up before continuing.

        2. Unmount the NFS file systems before the remote system is taken

        3. Write a small test script/program with a timeout that verifies that
           the NFS file system is up & available before you start the find and
           change the find directory specifications accordingly.

        4. Arrange the find directory list so that the NFS file systems are
           listed last, so that if the remote system is down you won't loose
           any local files from the find output.

Of course, only the first option will correctly handle the case where the
remote file system goes down in the middle of the find.

Another option would be to write your own find with appropriate timeouts
whenever reading data from the disk, but who has the time?

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Hye all,

I'm working with ksh, on an AIX 5.0 OS.

Using find in a ksh script, i get a bad status issue.
Using on a term the find command printed before execution, the job is
done without any complain.

- script begins --------------------------------------------------
#! /bin/ksh

findAppFilter="\( ! -name \"runmvt.ksh\" -a ! -name \"chgmvt.ksh\" \)"

print find ${srcAppRootDir} "${findAppFilter}" -print
find ${srcAppRootDir} "${findAppFilter}" -print 1> /dev/null
- script ends ----------------------------------------------------

- output begins --------------------------------------------------
$ test.ksh
find /tmp \( ! -name "runmvt.ksh" -a ! -name "chgmvt.ksh" \) -print
find: bad status-- \( ! -name "runmvt.ksh" -a ! -name "chgmvt.ksh" \)
$ echo $?
$ find /tmp \( ! -name "runmvt.ksh" -a ! -name "chgmvt.ksh" \) -print
1> /dev/null
$ echo $?
- output ends ----------------------------------------------------

Any suggestion will be welcomed ;)

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