Checking Data Segment Size

Checking Data Segment Size

Post by Brendan Leonar » Wed, 21 May 1997 04:00:00

I am using ksh on a DEC AlphaServer OSF machine.  I want to find out
what the maximum size of the data segment is.  I run "ulimit -a" and the
output is as follows:

     time(seconds)        unlimited
     file(blocks)         unlimited
     data(kbytes)         24576
     stack(kbytes)        8192
     memory(kbytes)       766312
     coredump(blocks)     unlimited
     nofiles(descriptors) 4096
     vmemory(kbytes)      1048576

Which of the above refers to the data segment.  The man page says that
csh and sh have an option called datasize or data seg size but the ksh
doesn't.  The reason I'm confused is because the man page section for
csh says the datasize is the size for virtual memory.