C/C++ Cross-platform *text-based* API

C/C++ Cross-platform *text-based* API

Post by Cico » Sat, 17 Jun 1995 04:00:00

My company has charged me with finding a cross-platform (cross-UNIX
platform, I should say) API or toolset for developing text-based terminal
UI's.  We need to be able to port the code to Xenix, SCO, AIX, AUX, HP,
and Sun platforms.

Currently we have a demo of XVT; however, would have to buy the source and
maintain it ourselves since after this year they will no longer be
supporting their text-based library.  
That has both advantages and drawbacks.  

I'm also aware that libg++ has a curses wrapper, but am concerned with the
reliability of the code, and being able to find any third-party support
for it as well.  

If any of you are experienced with these libraries, or know of any others
that meet this criteria, your input would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Mike Cico
Integrated Medical Systems
Golden, CO


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I have a question for the group: where I work they are looking for a
cross-platform development tool/API for text-based applications on UNIX,
similar to the curses functionality but with a C++ interface.  They would
also like the tool to support RAD if possible.

If any of you know of any such tools that meet all or some of these
requirements, your input would be greatly appreciated.


Mike Cico

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