Accounting software for an Altos 486/w INFORMIX??

Accounting software for an Altos 486/w INFORMIX??

Post by P. Vir » Wed, 26 Jan 1994 01:16:54

A friend(soon to be client) of mine currently has a VERY old accounting
software package running on an Altos 1000 which is 486-based(I think).
Anyhoo, he had software written in INFORMIX apps by two consultants who
--basically--went belly-up. The problem is, that the payroll aspect of
this "package" is not up to date for producing certain wage forms for
income taxes. I'd like to know if there is any off the shelf accounting
packages that can be used to pull the information out of the existing
INFORMIX database(don't worry--I'd be the one to customize and configure
it--these folks are VERY Unix-shy)??? Thanks for all help and all suggestions!

Paul E. Virgo

P.S. (The kernel may be a 5.3e)
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A couple of days ago I acquired a free but ancient Altos 486 multi-user
system (based on a speedy 8 MHz 80186 and a Z80 as I/O processor and with
a massive 512 KByte RAM and a 20 MByte internal HD) with a couple of Altos III
terminals. The 486 should be able to run Xenix. Alas, it does not boot
properly. The system tests signal no errors, but after some HD rattling,
the terminal displays something like:

        Booting Xenix V3.1a

        mem = 332K

and that's it. I hope I can `repair' my 486 by re-installing Xenix, however
I did not receive any floppy disks with system software.

I know this system is slow and I'd do myself a favour by throwing it away,
but I would like to fool around with it and it's free and therefore much
cheaper than buying a new PC. Therefore I would very much like to get hold
of the Xenix system floppy disks for the Altos 486 (preferably including
developer stuff).  If you have those floppy disks tucked away somewhere on
your attic gathering dust, please let me know (preferably by e-mail).

With kind regards,

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