Adding SCSI disk in SCO Openserver 5.0

Adding SCSI disk in SCO Openserver 5.0

Post by hsdhi.. » Sun, 14 May 2000 04:00:00

   I had SCO Openserver 5.0 on a system with following configuration:
Intel L440GX motherboard (Onboard VGA, LAN, SCSI Adapter AIC-7896)
   I had one scsi disk on chaneel A of SCSI Adapter (Seagate 9GB)
   A SCSI cdrom on Channel B
I need to install two more SCSI disks on Channel A.
How can I configure these disks and mount them under /local directory.
Please reply ASAP.

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1. I cannot add a scsi disk drive to SCO OpenServer 5.0.4


I am having a great amount of difficulty adding a second disk drive to our

The drive is a 4GB IBM SCSI version, and I am using an Adaptec 3940W
controller. I already have one SCSI drive as our primary hard disk.

When I add the drive using "mkdev .scsi", I follow the procedure described
in the SCO support documentation. I reboot the server into single user mode,
and run mkdev .scsi again.

However, the boot up screen does not display my second disk (all the ID's,
LUN's etc are correct).

In fact, if I look in the /usr/lib/mkdev/perms directory, there is no HDLIST

There are correct entries in  /etc/conf/node.d/hd and also
/etc/conf/pack.d/Sdsk/space.c and /etc/conf/pack.d/Sdsk/device.dat.

When I tried this the first time, there were 2 extra entries in the above
files, so I ran mkdev .scsi to remove the device and then removed the extra
entries in the above files.

Please help as I am running out of space, and have 25 users on our system
who will not be able to use it soon!!

I also need to know how I can transfer the contents of my /u1 filesystem
onto the new disk.

I look forward to hearing from you

Jay White
IT Manager
BF Components Ltd (England)

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